Thank you for giving me my smile back – and my social life!

– Elaine

I came in with a broken bottom plate and a loose top plate. I am blown away by how great they look, feel, and work better than new! Thanks guys, I’ll be back soon!

– Jeremy

I was examined by Doug, and was very impressed by his honestly, and how he told me all the step by step procedures for the making and fitting of a new top partial. I found it necessary to go in a couple of times after the completion to get some adjustments, and they were very happy to go that extra mile for me! It’s hard to find a business that is so honest and caring.

– Sue

I had dentures for about 6 years, and when I smiled you couldn’t ever see my teeth. I called Smile Bright and they made me the most perfect set of top teeth that you have ever seen. I love them so very much. I’m smiling all the time now. Go see Doug at Smile Bright, he’s the best!

– Naomi

I would recommend Smile Bright to anyone who is even thinking about getting dentures. They are extremely professional but still manage to be casual and friendly. They do excellent work, and the quality is second to none. I have received so many compliments of my new dentures, mostly about how natural they look! Thank you Smile Bright, you’ve given me back my confidence to smile again!

– Frank

For most of my adult life I have agonized over teeth that were rotten, uneven, and discolored. Now that I have my new upper dentures, I have the confidence to smile without covering my mouth. I love my new teeth!

– Brinda

I dropped off my dentures for a reline, and got them back in a few hours. They have a very tight and secure fit. They fit so well I don’t even need adhesive anymore. I will be a customer from now on!

– James